"Life is too complicated to be unorganized"

Who is Urban Organizers LLC?

Nice to Meet You

Heather Masterson and Kristi Miller started their quest together to help people get organized  by acting as consultants for Contained Home with The Container Store.  The endeavor gave them invaluable experience in business and home efficiency.  Heather and Kristi have known each other for over 35 years and continue to enjoy their time together as friends and business partners.


Our Services and Benefits

Our goal is to incorporate an organizational system into your daily life that will increase your efficiency, which will in turn, increase your overall productivity at the office and the home.  When you are more productive, you save time.  We want to give you more time in your day to do the things you enjoy in life.   

Business Services include:  Paper Management, Filing Systems, Spatial Design, Simplification Techniques and Maintenance Procedures.  Home Services include:  Closet Design & Organization, Paper Management, Filing Systems, Garage Sale Preparation, Home Sale Preparation (Packing and Unpacking) and Maintenance Procedures.   Gift cards are also available which are great for clients, customers, friends, family, teachers and more!

Consultations and Rates

  A $40 (plus tax) consultation includes 45 minutes to accomplish the following: Analysis of Problem Areas, Establishment of Individual Needs and Goals, Plan of Action and Scheduling. Our rate is $100 per hour (plus tax) for both Heather and Kristi to work together. There is a two hour minimum, and invoices will be in half hour increments. Drive time exceeding 20 minutes one way is billable at the standard rate. Supplies are an additional cost.     

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